Tuesday, 1 May 2007


I signed up for this so here goes, only I dont have much enthusiasm for it. So let's explore that, shall we?

Possible Reasons I cant be arsed blogging against disabilism

1. Well its just another crap thing, and I'm tired of crap things and dont want to be bothered with trying to figure out what I feel and what to say. I'm sick, I dont know why, no diagnosis, some day's I feel like I'm dying, I'm so tired. Other days I can get on with things. Some days, I cant walk worth a damn, some days I feel like I could throw away my cane. But I dont really feel anything much about it. It just is.

2. I'm so angry about the abuse that its hard to get worked up about disabilism

3. What good does blogging do anyway?

4. I'm in the midst of dealing with disability based discrimination at work, my job is on the line, but I really dont want to have to think about it today, just been through a really emotionally hard meeting and cant really face thinking about the next step.

So that's that I blogged about disabilism, only I didn't, I didnt really deal with any of the stuff

I'd say most of the stuff I dealt with except for at work was petty stuff, that is mildly annoying, but more due to people's misguidedness rather than mean spiritedness

With my boss it feels like he cant stand weakness (or perceived weakness) of any kind and wants to eradicate it from his world, so that means I have to go, only I'm not going quietly like a weak person should, so he gets even more annoyed with me.

I guess its that attitude that gets to me the most, the idea that now I'm disabled I should just humbly lower my expectations, "be content that I'm not cast out of the village with the lepers" kind of thinking. Well if I can still do my job, I can still do my job, and why should I give up my career, my livelihood, my financial security and lifestyle just cause the boss man is too lazy or dismotivated to make a few adjustments to my workmates schedules to accomodate me?

I'm not content to lower my expectations, I'm not about to be meek, and grateful for crumbs. I belong at the feast of life along with everyone else

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Philip. said...

Great post, even though you couldn't be arsed to write it :-)!!